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Varanasi Smart City to act as aggregator of carbon credits

 Varanasi Smart City
Submitted by Tanveer Padode on August 5, 2022

To trade carbon credits generated by various agencies in Kashi with international companies in the coming years, the Varanasi Smart City (VSCL) has taken the initiative to act as the aggregator for the market mechanisms to minimize greenhouse gas emissions.

“The process for joining carbon credit business by Kashi has started with the appointment of a consultant firm” said VSCL chairman and divisional commissioner Deepak Agrawal mentioning that a proposal to go ahead with the Carbon Credit program was approved in-principle after going through the presentation given by consultant firm Enking International on July 26.

“Following selection of consultants to assist and handhold the organization through a transparent and competitive selection process VSCL has started the process of signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with all stakeholders” said Agrawal.

According to VSCL, now the consultant firm will in start shortlisting the qualifying projects like solar energy solid waste management compost production water and plants bio-gas and other methane gas production projects energy efficient lighting electric vehicles and advise the city about the potential projects to be considered for carbon credits.