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Pratap Padode, Executive Director, SCC India

Submitted by scc staff on May 22, 2017

A chartered accountant by qualification, Pratap Padode, has specialised in financial research when he set up Corporate & Economic Research Centre in 1986 and developed financial models to evaluate corporate performance. He pioneered equity research in India by launching India’s most successful specialised equity journal, ‘Dalal Street Journal’ as its co-founder. He is the founder of ASAPP Info Global Group and his passion for infrastructure over last 20 years is reflected in the innovative thought leadership through ten specialised magazines, conferences & awards organised in the fields of construction, infrastructure & engineering.

India is under construction and the current leadership seems set to transform the nation. So come onboard and tighten your seatbelts.

Further he is the President of FIRST (Foundation of Infrastructure Research Studies Training) which was set up in 2003, that brings out research reports and newsletters on various infrastructure segments. His research encompasses construction, infrastructure, real estate, economy and finance sectors. He has received the award for his research in the construction sector at CIDC Vishwakarma Awards 2010 at the hands of Dr C Rangarajan, Chairman of Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Committee. Since early 2014 he has been promoting the move to smart, sustainable cities and contributing to Smart Cities Council Partners’ business success through advocacy and action, as the Founder and Executive Director of Smart Cities Council India. In this role he has been supporting Government of India’s Smart Cities Mission through thought leadership, policy advocacy and creating awareness about the challenges and opportunities in city planning. He has launched the India Readiness Guide which is a custom framework for India’s city planners.