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Japan to support India in smart cities, 5G projects in India

NEC Corporation
Submitted by Tanveer Padode on June 3, 2022

Chairman of NEC Corporation Dr Nobuhiro Endo said that Japan would contribute to smart cities projects and the 5G projects in India giving a new dimension to India-Japan cooperation. He said that the latter has strong intentions to build and enhance capabilities and Japan will contribute to building smart cities in India.

He added that for the expansion of smart city projects Japan could contribute from its application and provide communication platforms like the 5G network.

To provide safe and secure 5G systems in India he added that Japan should communicate with India for 5G systems to confirm security and safety. The countries must collaborate and even ensure the security and safety of the system.

He said that PM Modi had taken several reforms to boost capacities and investment in India. Currently, Japan already has 6000 engineers from India for various projects.

According to MEA both the leaders had discussed various reforms undertaken to enable ease of doing business in India including industrial development taxation and labour segments. They also discussed opportunities in India in new and emerging technologies