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Indore Smart City develops nine She-Kunjs on PPP model

Submitted by Tanveer Padode on May 26, 2022

The Indore Smart City has developed nine She-Kunjs in the city. The target was to open 25 She-Kunjs but failed due to locational and contractor payment issues.

The payment issues were due to the lockdown but the payment process has started and the contractor’s company is paying some amount to Smart City.

The project is completed on the public-private partnership (PPP) mode from which the contractor’s company can earn from She-Kunjs through advertisements and shops. From the revenue from these places they will pay a part to Smart City.

Officials said that they were not getting proper places for She-Kunjs for which surveys are ongoing to identify places. The city will get more She-Kunjs soon.

She-Kunjs are running very smoothly and provide proper hygiene to women.

The project will have 20 more She-Kunjs of 400 sq ft each within a few months. Around 375 pink toilets or She-Kunjs will be developed in 15 years from which the Smart City will earn a revenue of Rs 5.87 crore per year.

Smart City will earn around Rs 32.5 lakh every year. The contractor will maintain it for 15 years and generate revenue from it. According to the officials the contractor will also set up small stalls near the toilet to sell necessary items.

Smart City will earn from the She-Kunjs through the contractor who will pay Rs 348 per sq ft every month.