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The Smart Cities Council with it’s partner company evolve24, are working with a consortium of leading organisations focused on data science and social wellbeing – Telstra, Neighbourlytics and the University of Melbourne – to advance social wellbeing as a framework for smart cities investment in the region.

The consortium completed a data science project in 2018 to undertake something that has never been done before in Australia – to quantitatively assess and score social wellbeing. The project measured and quantified the subjective wellbeing of 14 cities around Australia. This approach focusses on ‘subjective wellbeing’ - being the measurement of how people feel and think about their lives.

Executive Director of SCCANZ Adam Beck explains, “we have been working up the idea that social wellbeing could become the superior framework for smart cities action and investment, and after many years of pre-work, including this Australian study, we are sharing our approach”. Further, Beck says “not only have we assembled a suite of tools to realise this idea, but we have assembled a world leading team to support government and industry stakeholders embrace this approach to smart cities action”.

You can download the paper below, along with the media release.

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