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The smart cities marketplace is truly global, and with rapidly advancing innovation and technologies, the Smart Cities Council believes that the implementation of specifications and frameworks will help organisations adapt and innovate successfully.

Standards can play an important role in helping establish those specifications and frameworks. The “standardisation” of processes is a key enabler to achieve critical mass in any market. The construction and service sector are substantially fragmented, which provides challenges to the implementation of any data exchange program. Standards are key enablers to ensure these criteria can be met.

The purpose of this guidance note is to provide an overview of the ecosystem of smart cities standards available globally, the benefits of their use and a structured list of some key standards and frameworks.

The note also covers a representation of the built environment and the core components undergoing digital transformation. The key smart city elements used to categorise the standards included in this document include:

•Building Information Modelling•Internet of Things•Sustainable communities•Smart cities frameworks and process standards.