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Collaborative online planning for multi-stakeholder projects

Smart Cities Activator is an online platform that helps cities plan and deploy smart projects.

Activator is the first and only smart city tool for collaborative planning. It can handle anything from a simple survey of customer needs; to paint-by-numbers project templates; and all the way to full-scale project plans.

Thanks to Activator, you can now work together on multiple projects with people in any location and time zone in real time. 


How to gain access

If you are a city, apply to the Readiness Program and find out how you can access a free Smart Cities Activator account for one year.

If you are a solution or knowledge provider, find out how you can join the Council.

Let's do this together!

Activator Exchange: Share insights and advice with other cities.

Activator allows for peer-to-peer knowledge exchange. One of the most requested features, Activator Exchange provides a fast, safe way for cities to find each other and share knowledge.

You choose whether to participate - your sponsoring entity makes the choice as to whether metadata is shared. You do not have to share to use Smart Cities Activator.

Only meta-data is shared - To participate, fill out your project information and high-level data.

Contact cities with similar projects - See a project of interest? Request contact using a quick form. 

Activator Exchange promotes 'face to face' knowledge exchange through the Smart Cities Readiness Network - a global community of cities and other public sector entities.

activator exchange
activator plan

Activator Plan: Find who needs to be at the table

Activator Plan helps you map the ecosystem. Make use of specially designed tools for discovering and mapping the stakeholder ecosystem.

Using Activator Plan, cities can:

  • map their stakeholders
  • understand their roles
  • capture their legal, financial, and technical relationships
  • visualize the entire ecosystem with the ability to drill down to the details.

Collaboratively plan projects

Activator Plan contains more than two-dozen modules for such things as structuring business models, creating use cases, and mapping the customer journey. These tools are collaborative in real-time – any change made anywhere is seen instantly by everybody else on their own computers.