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Introducing the Smart Cities Academy Self-Learning /Testing Module

Members and Partners get access FREE.

Make a commitment to making our communities livable, workable and sustainable. The Smart Cities Practitioner’s Certificate -

  • Provides the certified practitioner with access to the world’s best library of knowledge resources and a growing global network of practitioners.
  • Empowers the candidate to publish their credentials digitally on LinkedIn or other digital platforms.
  • Is promoted globally by the Smart Cities Council with credentialed practitioners listed on the Smart Cities Council website 

Accessing this self-learning module will also unlock additional benefits for you and your colleagues!!


Academy modules

The Smart Cities Academy Practitioner Course is delivered online as an online self-learning module, structured in three sessions The Smart Cities Practitioner Certificate assessment test can be completed at the tester’s leisure with results saved until the multiple-choice assessment if submitted. If the candidate achieves the minimum pass mark, they will be awarded the Smart Cities Practitioner Certificate.

To maintain the Smart Cities Practitioner Certificate, participants must complete 15hrs of continuing education per year from any mix of the following:

  • Participate in city-led sprints where Smart Cities Practitioners work with a city to develop a project plan for a specific need of that city.
  • Complete additional Smart Cities Academy Modules
  • Participate online in Smart Cities Council’s webinars/sessions
  • Participate in Smart Cities Council’s Task Forces/ Communities of Practice
  • Publish case studies on the Smart Cities Council website
  • Attend Smart Cities Week, or other Smart Cities Council in-person events
  • Share projects and plans on Smart Cities Activator.