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Join us as the Smart Cities Council team and members from around the world talk to the people and places advancing the application of science, data, technology, and engineering to enable a safer, more activated, beautiful, sustainable world now for the future, for everyone.

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Coming Soon

"Urban Futurism for Smarter Cities", is a podcast series that explores the exciting intersection of technology, cities, and innovation.

As host and Futurist in Residence, Alby Bocanegra will discuss the latest developments in urban futurism and smart cities, as well as explore the challenges and opportunities of designing and implementing intelligent urban environments.

Join us as we speak with experts in urban planning, architecture, engineering, and technology to learn how we can create more livable, sustainable, and connected cities for everyone.

From cutting-edge research to real-world case studies, "UF4SC" is your guide to the future of urban living. So, if you're passionate about the future of cities and the role of technology in shaping our world, then this is the podcast for you.