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Be a part of our 2023 Taskforces

Our goal for 2023 is to create an impact. To celebrate this, we're highlighting local initiatives and engagement opportunities for our members and broader community. Whilst we'd love to run all 10 taskforces, the feasibility will depend on where interest from across our ecosystem lies. 

Let us know which topic you'd like to dig into, and in what capacity. 

Digital Twins in Action

How can Digital Twins solve the global regulatory challenges by creating models that define the ownership, rights, restrictions and responsibilities of physical and non-physical assets?

Regional & Remote Communities

Understand what technology and data can deliver in terms of resilience, enablement and sustainability for regional and remote communities compared with heavy investment in large cities. Develop a project description and work with the government to define these benefits and start delivering positive outcomes for these communities.

Future Mobility

In 2019, the Smart Cities Council released a Mobility Now report that outlined the essential early steps required to improve urban mobility and enhance our cities - so what happened? How have the guidelines been adopted by places, and what considerations need to be given to Advanced Air Mobility, eVTol and EVs. 

How can we empower future leaders through engagement now, with a voice in what issues we address, what actions we take, and how we transition these actions across generations to maximise our success as a community? 

Smart Buildings

What constitutes smart when it comes to buildings, and how can the public and private sectors collaborate to deliver energy efficiency at a broader scale? Join us as we deliver a framework for getting towards 'smart' and best practices.

Data Leadership

Technology can be defeated. There is no 100% prevention. So what do we do when everything is breached and where does the responsibility and onus to secure information lie? Are employees and humans the key to change, privacy and security?

Public Sector Taskforce: 

Councils and government authorities collaborating to work through procurement, briefing and tender assessment best practice. The webinar series will share use cases, learnings and insights into overcoming obstacles. 

Future of Place Code: 

Is the Code for Smart Communities (CfSC) still relevant? The CfSC was released in October 2018 as a benchmark for urban development practices across greenfield communities, urban regeneration precincts and diverse institutional campuses. The goal of this taskforce is to update the principles and metrics to co-design a global pathway to smart community status.

Areas of Interest