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Submitted by Shawn Gants on Sat, 07/25/2020 - 17:11

For more than eight years the Smart Cities Council has supported solution providers in their pursuit to offer cities the best solutions and best partnership service.

Download our Partnership Pack below to identify the benefits of partnering with the Smart Cities Council.

To arrange a briefing of benefits in more detail, contact:

Submitted by Shawn Gants on Sat, 07/25/2020 - 16:37

Research and Knowledge partnerships with the Smart Cities Council are currently being offered in the Australia and New Zealand region. 

This partnership opportunity is offered to research and knowledge institutions seeking to network and create opportunities within the regional and international smart cities ecosystem. 

Download our Partnership Pack below to identify the benefits of partnering with the Smart Cities Council.

Submitted by Shawn Gants on Sat, 07/25/2020 - 16:33

Start up partnership with the Smart Cities Council is currently being offered in the Australia and New Zealand region. 

This partnership opportunity is offered to start up companies seeking to network and create opportunities within the regional and international smart cities ecosystem. 

Download our Partnership Pack below to identify the benefits of partnering with the Smart Cities Council.

Submitted by Shawn Gants on Wed, 07/22/2020 - 17:25

The Cities Leadership Circle is currently being offered to local authorities in the Australia and New Zealand region. 

It is a network to support your growth in capacity, influence and action in smart cities - the use of  technology and data as an enabler to accelerate social, environmental and economic value for our communities.  

Download our Partnership Pack below to identify the benefits of partnering with the Smart Cities Council.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on July 12, 2020



With Cities Helping Cities, We Change the World!

The Smart Cities Council is has convened its Readiness Challenge for over five (5) years NOW!

The 2021 Readiness Challenge’s theme is ‘cities helping cities.’

You win by applying - As an applicant you gain access to Smart Cities Activator, the world’s most complete listing of upcoming smart city projects that make cities livable, workable and sustainable.

You win as a Finalist - If safe and you can travel, the Council will pay for all travel and lodging for a representative from your city to Smart Cities Week in Orlando -October 4, 2022, so you can present your projects to a live and virtual audience at Smart Cities Week

You win when selected as a Readiness Cohort Leader - along with project acceleration, your city’s staff can earn the world’s only Smart Cities Practitioner certificate - October 4, in all, a value of over $250,000.

Applications for leading a Readiness Cohort for the 3rd calendar quarter of 2021 are due on September 3, 2021 at 5 pm ET.

The Global Readiness Challenge is a rolling-process with new applications accepted each calendar quarter. The criteria for becoming a Readiness Cohort Leader are:

  1. Leadership - does the city share with other cities its learnings and experience from its ow smart city projects?
  2. Transparency - is the city willing to discuss difficult subjects and lead difficult conversations about issues that affect all of us?
  3. Commitment - is the city committed to being a leader and helping other cities, regardless of its size, budgets, and location?
  4. Willingness is the city committed to leading a Readiness Cohort in 2021 providing personnel, insights and information about a shared problem

Applications for leading a Readiness Cohort for the 3rd calendar quarter of 2021 are due on September 3, 2021 at 5 pm ET.

Here is a webinar that explains the process (ignore dates in this webinar.)

If your city wins, it will be one of several Readiness City Cohort Leaders. There is no cost to your city other than time. Your city will lead (with assistance from the Council and global experts) a global effort to solve a common problem.

Follow the example of the city of Nashville, TN - a Readiness Challenge Winner for the first quarter of 2021 - 

  • The Council has been working with the Metro Nashville and Davidson County to lead a Readiness Cohort about addressing disparate impacts of urban flooding on residents. Urban flooding is the most common natural disaster in the United States, causing the most damage and killing the most people.
  • Nashville is committed to developing programs and policies based on data that promote flooding resilience in vulnerable neighborhoods.
  • Working with the Council, Nashville will lead an effort to increase the use data and analytics to inform local policy and program development.
  • Cities with a similar problem will join Nashville in activating beneficial action for urban flooding resilience and equity.

These articles will help you understand what the Council is looking for - 

Brisbane data driven strategy

Nashville urban flooding mitigation

Orange County, Florida smart and healthy building project

So – this process is simple –

  • Identify your most urgent needs
  • Indicate your willingness to participate in a Readiness Cohort and possibly lead it
  • Join with other cities to solve our most pressing problem

Using Smart Cities Activator the world's only online collaborative planning platform - you can work virtually and safely in over 150 languages!

REMINDER: Applications for leading a Readiness Cohort for the 3rd calendar quarter of 2021 are due on September 3, 2021 at 5 pm ET.

What previous winners have said -

2021 Global Winners

 "Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner said he was proud that Brisbane had been recognized as a global leader in smart cities. “Brisbane is a smart, connected city, and as our city grows we want to continue harnessing the data available to us, so we can make the Brisbane of tomorrow even better,”  Schrinner said. “From launching our Open Data website in 2015 to deploying 20 smart poles in 2020 and using smart sensors for monitoring air quality, public habits and soil moisture, Council has been delivering ‘on the ground’ informative projects for many years. Initiatives like these continue to influence and transform the way we plan, build and innovate for the city. Brisbane is quickly developing a blueprint for other cities looking to transform and we look forward to sharing our knowledge through this program.”

2019 North American Winners

"The 2019 Readiness Challenge provided the City of Montgomery an opportunity for greater collaboration among our city stakeholders and partners. The Workshop provided a vehicle to share innovative ideas in 3 main focus areas including Digital City Services, Economic Development and Education and Workplace Development and we will continue to work toward moving our projects forward."

~ Savio Dias, IT Manager/Systems, City of Montgomery

2018 Readiness Winners

This grant is an invaluable opportunity for Puerto Rico to develop a roadmap for implementing smart technologies and solutions as we rebuild.”

~ Governor Ricardo Rosselló, Governor of Puerto Rico

“At Amazon Web Services, everything starts with the customer and we work backwards from there. The Smart Cities Readiness Challenge provides the opportunity to hear from city officials directly. Learning about their challenges at the earliest stages in planning allows us to work together to deliver citizen services that improve communities and help build a long-term roadmap for success.”

~ Hardik Bhatt, Leader for AWS Digital Government for the US State & Local Governments, Amazon Web Services

“Supporting and being part of the Smart Cities Council Readiness Challenge process has been extremely valuable to Battelle. Beginning with evaluation of City proposals, through to working with the winners and runners up, we have gained tremendous insight into where cities are in their planning and visioning processes, and in their specific targeted areas for deployment. This information is crucial to our Smart Cities strategy and program and has allowed us to ensure our offerings to the market and cities are in line with where those city leaders and industry partners are focused. We have also been able to showcase our thought leadership, by working with cities directly on their technology roadmaps.”

~ Domnine Garcia, Smart Cities Program Lead, Battelle

2017 Readiness Challenge Winners

Feedback -

“Winning the Smart Cities Council Challenge Grant puts us that much closer to creating a comprehensive and inclusive strategy to use technology in a way that benefits communities that are usually left behind.”

~ Steve Adler, Mayor of Austin

“A year ago, the city of Indianapolis was in a learning phase. ... Now, the city is in a planning phase, synthesizing available technologies with community needs to determine the most impactful steps forward.”

~ Katie Robinson, Director, Indianapolis Office of Sustainability

“Some of the folks I met with didn’t even realize the potential for what ‘Smart cities’ means for their work. ... There is now a unifying vision.”

~ Ellen Hwang, Program Manager, Innovation Management, City of Philadelphia



Submitted by Shawn Gants on Wed, 04/15/2020 - 13:57

Johnson Controls - Responding quickly to government needs

Johnson Controls can rapidly mobilize technical resources –
including planning and design engineers, project managers,
installers, communication specialists, service technicians
and more – to help communities meet their needs, protect
citizens and stay ahead of the crisis.

For more information contact

Lisa A. Brown -
Senior Director, Municipal Infrastructure & Smart Communities1
Advanced Solutions
Johnson Controls

Submitted by Shawn Gants on Wed, 03/11/2020 - 06:22

The Smart Cities Info cards are short and succinct knowledge resources to support awareness raising and capacity building of government stakeholders and community members seeking to further engage in smart cities.

They are ideal for workshops, community engagement sessions and other events where plain english and factual smart cities knowledge needs to be shared.

There are currenlty five in the series, including:

Submitted by Adam Beck on February 24, 2020


Earlier this week NSW Minister for Customer Service Victor Dominello MP launched the NSW Digital Twin, an open platform for visualising data in 4D overtime. The launch was attended by leading policy makers, practitioners, technologists and developers, who were shown the new platform which has initially launched for communities associated with the Western Sydney City Deal and Greater Parramatta, all the way to the Olympic Peninsula.

This launch follows the release of the ANZLIC Principles for Spatially Enabled Digital Twins of the Built and Natural Environment in Australia in December 2019, which is Australia's first national digital twin resource providing a definition and suite of principles for digital twins.

In this document, ANZLIC uses the definition - "A digital twin is a dynamic digital representation of a real world object or system." This definition aligns with common understanding around digital twins, as well as a short industry survey that SCCANZ administered in September last year, seeking industry feedback on how stakeholders define the concept and what the benefits might be.

But on Monday in Sydney at the NSW Digital Twin launch, Minister Dominello used language not often spoken in every day digital twin dialogue. He said of the digital twin, " opens up data to grow the NSW economy..." and "...this is a platform for sharing ideas, and when you share ideas, you generate progress and innovation..."

He went on to say "...this is bigger than a digital product, this is micro economic reform...

And with that statement we are now presented with a much bigger vision than that of the traditional digital twin definition (ie. a digital replica of a physical asset/object). This description by the Minister of digital twins opens up a vision of a platform that can generate value, enhance transparency and build trust.

The digital twin, through this lens, thus becomes a tool for directing investment in the most sustainable infrastructure and citizen services with precision like we've never seen, that will accelerate climate action, productivity and wellbeing of the community.

And this is the view of the Smart Cities Council, and the market development work it is doing with the support of it's Digital Twin Task Force. This work is building on the research that shows data-driven urban management is predicted to be a $5-10 billion export opportunity in the Asia-Pacific region by 2028.

We are clear in our view that digital twins present a platform for open and shared data, community engagement, performance reporting and investment optimisation. We believe that along with data trusts and data exchanges, digital twins present significant potential for 'activating data.'

Later this year SCCANZ will host the 2nd National Digital Twin Symposium, the region's premier gathering of digital twin policy makers, practitioners and technologists in Melbourne as part of Smart Cities Week (26-28 August). More information is available at



Submitted by Shawn Gants on Wed, 06/26/2019 - 19:47

The Readiness for Resilience Program is designed to help Texas communities impacted by Hurricane Harvey rebuild the infrastructure with resilient, smart technology and best practices.  The program has three essential phases: 1) discover and learn local rebuilding needs; 2) develop “smart technology” resiliency roadmaps for rebuilding; and 3) conduct public workshops to provide stakeholder advice and support.  

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Worldwide Public Sector helps government, education, and nonprofit customers deploy cloud services to reduce costs, drive efficiencies, and increase innovation across the globe. With AWS, you only pay for what you use, with no up-front physical infrastructure expenses or long-term commitments. Public Sector organizations of all sizes use AWS to build applications, host websites, harness big data, store information, conduct research, improve online access for citizens, and more.

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