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SUEZ draws on the expertise it has been developing since the late 19th century to help people constantly improve their quality of life by protecting their health and supporting economic growth. We work to provide access to essential environmental services for everyone.

We supply high-quality water, suited to every type of use, and ensure the protection of this common good. We recover wastewater and waste to convert them into new resources.

Faced with demographic growth, climate change, and social and geographical inequalities, people are increasingly exposed to the consequences of the environmental emergency that is affecting our planet. Every single day, SUEZ commits to preserving the fundamental elements of our environment - water, soil, and air - that ensure our future. At SUEZ, we invest in preserving and restoring natural capital, and in the future of biodiversity, both on land and at sea.

As a committed partner to local communities, industry players and citizens, SUEZ mobilises stakeholders to succeed in the environmental transition, developing circular business models and innovating to plan for tomorrow’s challenges.

Proud of their work and strengthened by their values, SUEZ’s teams based in regions throughout the world are shaping a sustainable environment, now.

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