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Reveal is a New Zealand technology company that’s helping cities around the world save billions of dollars in infrastructure spending by changing the way we look at our least understood natural resource – the underground.

Established in 2012, Reveal has worked on some of the largest infrastructure and transit projects in New Zealand, including the Christchurch earthquake rebuild and Let’s Get Wellington Moving. We combine decades of boots-on-the-ground locating and surveying experience with some of the top geophysicists, technologists, and software developers in Australasia to address the critical issues that are driving up our infrastructure costs, wasting precious public dollars and endangering the lifeblood of our urban environments.

The RevealTwin solution Reveal is using advanced technology including ground-penetrating radar, LiDAR, 360-degree video and reality capture devices to build a digital twin of the underground. The RevealTwin is a comprehensive, accurate and living map of the subsurface that locates which every asset and artefact underground down to the centimetre. We want to make this information available to everyone who needs it: cities, engineering companies, utility owners and contractors alike, so everyone has a single source of truth they can rely on.

With the RevealTwin:

> Contractors can work in confidence and safety knowing they have an accurate picture of their work site.
> Engineering companies can develop more accurate and timesaving project plans with a clear view of the risks.
> Cities can plan more sustainable and liveable urban environments for everyone.