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Intelle Building Services was founded in 1996 by Directors, Mark and Joseph Agius to provide specialist consulting services in the engineering disciplines of mechanical, electrical, fire protection and hydraulic building services. We also provide consultancy services in the areas of ESD, communications and vertical transportation.

Our Intelle Smart division provides integrated BMCS solutions and documentation submissions review to our Gold Standard of Delivery specification ensuring that all BMCS and ICN deliverables are documented to the highest of detail. 

Our head office is based in Sydney with the ability to provide consulting services nationwide through our network of affiliations. Our projects include tenancy fitouts, building refurbishment works and services upgrades in the Commercial, Government, Institutional, Financial, Retail, Residential, Hospitality and Education sectors as well as Mission Critical Facilities varying in size and up to $50 Million. 

Our services extend to the provision of advisory services including Tenant and Landlord Due Diligence, Asset Repositioning, Conditions Assessment, Peer Review, Feasibility, Asset, Property and Facilities Management and Predictive Maintenance reports.

We believe that by providing our professional teams with tools, systems and pathways for continual improvement in the spirit of collaboration and innovation, not only do we provide technically excellent solutions, we provide communication methods that create a positive and seamless experience for our clients and project partners. This is a fitting testament to our long-term relationships, repeat project commissions and excellent referrals. Our Global Mark Certification provides the framework that assists with identification of issues, hazards and processes and the potential risks associated with these, and allows our professional staff to implement control methods to mitigate and eliminate these potential risks whenever they arise.