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Hutchison Kinrot is a global leader seed investor in water and clean tech related technologies. Founded in 1993 as part of the state of Israel incubator program, it is the exclusive operator of a technology incubator in central Israel, under a franchise from the Office of the Chief Scientist at the Ministry of the Economy. Hutchison Kinrot was acquired at the end of 2012 by Hutchison Water, a division of Hutchison Whampoa Ltd, a Hong Kong based global Fortune 500 company. 

Hutchison Kinrot provides a unique platform for developing and commercializing water and clean tech innovations. The incubator enables promising early-stage start-up companies to gain access to the highest levels of business, operational and technical expertise in the water and clean tech industries, both at Hutchison Water and Hutchison Kinrot. Its portfolio companies include Aquarius Spectrum and Hydrospin, among others.