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Founded in 2013 and with its headquarter in Chippendale, New South Wales, Australia, ENE.HUB enables Smart City Services and uses data from public spaces to improve cities for people. By combining smart, future-proofed infrastructure with unique funding and maintenance models, ENE.HUB is making measurable smart city outcomes tangible for Government today while preparing for an increasingly digital and connected future.

Key outcomes that ENE.HUB is delivering for its clients is connectivity, safety, health, social inclusion environmental sustainability and mobility. ENE.HUB plans, funds, builds, maintains and manages connected networks of SMART products – sophisticated smart city enablers which are integrated into elegant lighting structures and other street furniture.

The most sophisticated smart city enablers on the market today is the SMART.NODE™ by ENE.HUB - The modular design of the SMART.NODE™ allows for the discrete integration of a range of Smart City Services inside the structure. Every MultiTechnology Module (MTM) zone is a blank canvas ready to facilitate the evolving needs of Smart Cities.

Further, when a network of SMART.NODEs™ and Smart.Furniture is combined with ENE.HUB’s e³ IoT Data Management & Analytics Platform, ENE.HUB and the Land Authority have the ability to monitor and control the Smart City Services incorporated and can collect the data from the sensors and devices deployed. Resulting in more connected, sustainable, and future-proofed public spaces for the people.

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