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ECOMESURE is an innovative French company specializing in instrumentation and connected systems for environmental data monitoring. Created in 1993, ECOMESURE assists its customers in the research and application of thorough and innovative solutions for the analysis of contaminants and particulate pollutants (liquid or gas) in line with current regulations and growing environmental and health concerns. We provide our customers with innovative air quality monitoring solutions: - Products sampling and analyzers - Communication and connection systems - Data management and data analysis solutions - Added value services including installation, commissioning, training, maintenance, after-sales service, engineering In 2014, building on its well-established activity of distribution, integration and maintenance of scientific instruments in France, Ecomesure developed a second activity of designing, manufacturing and selling connected systems for environmental data monitoring in France and internationally. Today, we allocate more than 10% of our turnover to Research and Development and we own a major international patent for the communication architecture, level of security and data management (patent n° 1552497). While focusing simultaneously on international development, we have deployed more than 200 connected systems projects in more than 20 countries all over the world. Located within the Paris-Saclay area, one of the most important innovation clusters in the world, the company is well known and established in the cleantech ecosystem.