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Civic Analytica is the provider of a Collaborative Data Exchange Platform-as-a-Service used by many of the world's largest data producers and their ecosystems and a growing number of organizations in our region.

The platform is a full distribution and innovation system which makes everything you do with data much easier and faster. It allows data and digital content to be brought together from disparate sources (internal or external) into an integrated, privacy controlled and massively scalable ecosystem in any cloud, enabling organizations from any sector no matter how big or small to be agile in leveraging their own data and to collaborate and innovate on demand to solve problems and create new value.

Publish data and digital content easily via multiple ingest methods and package them as “data products” with meta-data and previews for users to easily find and subscribe to with an “app store” experience. Control access to each data product you bring onto the platform to easily and securely manage access and usage entitlements. Share your data internally or externally with nominated users as required and easily assign licenses and terms of use. Collaborate and Innovate internally across business units or with external users in massively scalable workspaces with access to all the third-party data analytics and visualization tools you love from within the platform. Monetize your experience by selling your Premium Data and Engineered Insights in a marketplace. Extract data off the platform where that’s appropriate and Report on your use of the platform. It’s all right there, delivered “as-a-service” and ready to use.

We complement the platform with a comprehensive range of services and an ecosystem of complementary partners to enable organizations to become data-driven and fully leverage the capabilities the platform provides.

Civic Analytica
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