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The City of Marion (‘Council’) is located in Adelaide's south-western suburbs, about 10 kilometres from the Adelaide CBD.

The City of Marion has a mix of areas including residential, commercial, industrial and rural.

The population is approximately 92,000 across a total land area of about 55 square kilometres, including significant conservation areas, recreation parks, rivers and coastline.

At the City of Marion (CoM), our Innovative Community Vision is: “By 2040 our city will be a leader in embracing and developing new ideas and technology to create a vibrant community with opportunities for all.”

The City of Marion acknowledges the social, economic and environmental implications of technology, and how they are and will continue to shape our community.

The Smart CoM Strategic Plan outlines a set of initiatives, aligned to the 3 key goals, and foundational principles aimed to accelerate transformation to achieve our Innovative Community Vision.

For more information please visit our website or reach out to our Smart Cities Project Officer Georgie Johnson

City of Marion