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The City of Darwin completed the largest smart city project in Australia in 2019, nationally recognized as and awarded for its advancement in smart technology implementation and innovation. In 2020 the City of Darwin received best practice awards for policy leadership by Smart Cities Australia New Zealand for the implementation of privacy management and also for the ethical implementation of Artificial intelligence technology and use of CCTV analytics in Darwin by the Singaporean government.

The City of Darwin has released in 2021 a guide for government to assess the use of Ai technologies with endorsement from both the federal government and the info media development authority on Singapore. Darwin was also the first city to deploy Neuron e-bikes in Australia on the back of a 12 month successful trial of the e-scooters in 2020, identifying the relationship between mobility and economic development.

The national adoption of an economic development stimulus response in the MyDarwin platform has also seen the city of Darwin develop and provide a web responsive browser for local government to offer a digital discount voucher platform that has a multiplier of between 6-7 for every dollar spent. This has been adopted across the Northern Territory, the Australian Capital Territory and other local governments nationally.

The City of Darwin has transformed the city over the past 2 years to be a global leader in the smart city arena and provided a citizen-centric approach to innovation that enables our community to better engage, understand and trust our local government.

City of Darwin