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The public sector needs to be on the front line of innovation.

Empowered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and AWS partners, smart communities in Australia and New Zealand are transforming and innovating faster and better than ever before. Cloud technology helps businesses and industries to act quickly and decisively, triggering new waves of innovation amid an ever-evolving global landscape.

The City of Melbourne is set to trial new innovative sensors to collect pedestrian, environmental, and waste data in Argyle Square in partnership with Meshed and Peclet Technology.

IoT services are improving the public sectors in the city of Gold Coast, Newcastle City Council, and Livingstone Shire Council. These local governments use the network coverage and data sharing service provided by the National Narrowband Network Co (NNNCo).

Transport for NSW adopted the fully automated Opal Analytics Platform, which works in near real time. With ML predictive capabilities, the public transport agency can predict the volume of passengers on the platform, line, mode (train, ferry, bus), and network level.

ParKam offers a solution to detect parking spots in cities with live processing and real-time display of available parking spots customers can use. ParKam’s mission is to disrupt the parking industry and solve the growing problem of parking in busy metropolitan areas.

It must help citizens access real-time information online and make sure the justice system is available to all across multiple digital platforms. It needs to empower healthcare with the necessary technology resources to find new solutions, fast, and make sure that transportation remains efficient even under duress.

With AWS, you can build whatever your city needs quickly, efficiently, and affordably.