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The SCC Newsroom

For nearly 10 years, the Smart Cities Council newsroom has captured the latest information, insights and trends from around the world. Listen in, learn and contribute as we outline how to accelerate greater liveability, workability, and sustainability in our communities.

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Readiness Program

For over 5 years, the Smart Cities Academy has run the Readiness Challenge. We look for cities demonstrating leadership, transparency, commitment, and willingness. If you have a smart city project in need of collaborative acceleration, contact us to find out if you qualify.

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Smart Cities Week

Showcasing the world’s most dynamic cities, Smart Cities Week highlights the implementation of technology and data to make cities more livable, workable, and sustainable. We bring together key figures from all sides of the table to showcase the best innovations and brightest ideas around.

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Data Leadership & Activation

The Digital Twin Hub is a community platform created for those who own, create or participate in the Digital Twin ecosystem and wish to learn more or participate in the creation of a thriving digital twin marketplace globally. 

The Centre for Data Leadership imagines and advocates for the creation of social and economic value from data assets.

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SCC Academy

Since 2014 the Council has been creating smart cities education content and delivering both in-person and online education programs.

Earn the practitioner certificate and start sharing your expertise within your community and with the global network of practitioners.


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Future of Place

Future of Place is a leading advocate for cities and places as sustainable, productive, and inclusive drivers in the economy. We are creating the Future of Place Handbook to help us take advantage of these changes, and shape the best places for people. We use the 'future of place' term as meaning the transformation of spaces to advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


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Task Forces

Our task forces bring together leading practitioners who work as trusted advisors with public sector leaders and other stakeholders to raise awareness about the smart cities strategies that are improving the liveability, workability and sustainability of communities around the globe. To learn more about task forces in your region, please contact us. 

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