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Smart isn't just for cities. It's for everyone.

The Smart Cities Council operates a three-tier committee model to manage regional task forces and ensure that the outcomes can be presented both globally and locally with authority in high-quality and constructive formats so they can most effectively take action to resolve issues and inform opportunities for societal and environmental wellbeing.

Council members interested in participating in these task forces are invited to express their interest by completing the attached form and submitting it to Robyn Francis at the Smart Cities Council by Friday, May 5th, 2023, and thereafter with any questions

Current Task Forces approved by the Global Technical Committee:

Regional task forces are currently addressing three topics in one or more of the Smart Cities Council regions:

  • Smart, Safe & Sustainable Buildings & Infrastructure
  • Digital Twins in Action: Composing Intelligent Transport Hubs
  • Future of Place Code

We encourage members of the Smart Cities Council to contribute their expertise and participate in these regional task force initiatives to advance these important initiatives.

    To join in contact Kok Chin Tay, or use the form below.

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