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Why San Diego wants to be a "system" (and why your city should too)

Submitted by jesse_berst on February 26, 2014
It's a truism that a smart city requires a holistic viewpoint, one that crosses departments and views the city as a whole. But what does that mean in practice? And how does one begin to take steps in that direction?

Council Lead Partner Microsoft and others offered some answers recently during a two-day meeting to brainstorm next steps for the City of San Diego. You'll want to read the full article, but here are some of the takeways I noticed. --  Jesse Berst

    • Get buy-in for the systems approach from the top. San Diego has launched an initiative called “Smart City: San Diego as a System” that has the full backing of Mayor Elect Kevin Faulconer.
    • Involve all the stakeholders, including the private and non-profit sectors. The Microsoft meeting, for instance, included CleanTECH San Diego, Downtown San Diego Partnership, OSIsoft, the Port of San Diego, Council Lead Partner Qualcomm, San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) and the San Diego Airport Authority as well as the city itself. 
    • Pick a starter project that requires a systems approach. San Diego first wants to provide real-time energy analytics to building owners. But then it wants to connect individual buildings into a single operational system, which will lower the individual and aggregate energy consumption and establish critical load reduction.
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