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Virtual training in a post-COVID 19 world

Submitted by scc partner on June 23, 2020

Virtual training in a post-COVID 19 world

COVID-19 is forcing cities and utilities to consider how they can expedite their digital transformation while still operating. A perfect storm of operational risks are on the horizon for cities and utilities as they manage -

Þ   Work from home

Þ   Risk of infection taking you off schedule

Þ   Phasing out old skills for new skills

Þ   Moving from centralized operations to remote operations

Þ   The downsizing of their workforce

Þ   Institutional knowledge retiring

Þ   ‘On-boarding’ of a digitally savvy, but inexperienced workforce

Þ   The need to virtually train their workforce

Any of this can arise with industrial operations, transportation or logistics or even swapping out devices (analog to digital or new versions of digital devices.) These situations requires cities and utilities to consider innovative, cloud based solutions. AVEVA offers a suite of major training solutions for these changing requirements.

Unified Learning delivers competency-based experiential learning

Conceptualizing the learning environment in a unified manner leads to significant acceleration of learning at a manageable cost. The latest software technologies and proven instructional practices are combined to deliver competency-based experiential learning. Training systems can be deployed to a specific physical location using dedicated hardware, or can be deployed in the cloud for an enterprise-wide, multi-site training solution. Cities and utilities can integrate the solution within their own existing learning management system (LMS), or can deploy as stand-alone LMS to easily track and manage progress.

Training while operating

For example: A major utility in Arizona needed to train operators from its retiring coal fleet how to operate its combined cycle plants. The utility wanted the training to take place while the coal plants were still operating reliably until retirement. Geography was an issue because the coal and combined cycle plants were about 200 miles apart.

Another issue was the fact that the combined cycle plants have different configurations, and they operated with different load dispatch profiles. A training simulator seemed like a good solution, but cost and the 12-month delivery time would not allow for enough time for the coal plant operators to develop the expertise to run the different combined cycle plants.

AVEVA’s Operating Training Simulator solved this problem by:

Þ   removing associated costs (travel, time, lodging)

Þ   maintained existing operations with no loss in reliability

Þ   retained and upskilled the workforce

When cities and utilities are thinking about ways to train your workforce as well as to capture your operational know-how to facilitate and enhance your digital transformation, a Unified Learning solution can accelerate the training of your next-generation workforce. To learn more about Unified Learning, please visit AVEVA’s website.

AVEVA’s Douglas Nunez discusses how cloud based learning is quickly and cost-effectively upskilling both the utilities and the public sector 

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