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Space utilisation data and city planning. Join us

space utilisation
Submitted by Adam Beck on June 24, 2021

Calling all planners, urban designers and landscape architects...

Telstra has found through research with multiple Australian Local Governments that there are often pain points that strategic, statutory and open space planners and landscape architects experience when collecting and using quantitative space utilisation data for city planning.

The reason for these pain points is that data collection, management and analysis is not always undertaken within the organisation. This can lead to expensive, inconsistent, and sometimes non-existent data sets, in turn leading to assumptions around planning decisions, ‘throw away’ data and expensive consultancy bills. The lack of long-term and longitudinal data also prohibits long-term strategic urban planning to be facilitated.

The recent advances in video analytics mean that IP (Internet Protocol) cameras are now capable of detecting, classifying, and counting people and objects.

Telstra’s vision is to build a product aimed at enabling placemakers and planners in local government, by leveraging this emerging technology to provide a cost-effective and standardised method of collecting space utilisation data, storing this data in a cloud location, and making it accessible via web application and third-party GIS platforms.

As part of the Smart Cities Council Future of Place project, we are collaborating with our member company Telstra to host a workshop to build awareness, share knowledge and shape opportunities for creating the best places for people using space utilisation data.

Participating in this workshop will give you the latest information on this video analytics capability, and a chance to help refine this exciting solution focused on shaping the future of how this type of data is collected, stored, and visualised for the purposes of making more informed planning, design and landscape investments.

Data: Wed 28 July 2021

Time: 11:00am-1:00pm

Where: Online via Zoom

Register here.