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Soon, Indorites can pay all civic service-related payments via smart mobility card

smart mobility card
Submitted by scc india staff on July 17, 2020


To facilitate the introduction of Centre’s ‘One Nation One Card’ scheme, the Indore Smart City Development (ISCDL) would soon launch smart mobility cards in the city. The ‘One Nation One Card’ scheme enables people to pay multiple types of transport charges and retail purchase across the country.

Though the smart mobility card would be just like National Common Mobility Card (NCMC), in Indore it would come with some extra perks. Besides allowing cardholders to pay for travel, toll tax, retail shopping and withdraw money, the mobility card in Indore would enable users to make payment of all kind of municipal service taxes such as property and water, garbage collection. It would also allow users to pay for entry fee of zoo and regional park.

“Smart mobility card will be a single utility card, which will work on the National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) platform having both post-paid and prepaid option. It will come with an open-loop offline wallet option so that user would not get stuck for charge slip, authentication, and other formalities,” said ISCDL Chief Executive Officer Sandeep Soni.

The project has been taken up under Smart City initiative with an aim to provide citizens an option of having a personalised card for travelling as well as retail shopping, Soni added.

“To begin with, we have planned to launch the smart mobility card for payment of all kind of municipal services such property and water taxes, garbage collection charges. It would also be used for payment of other services, including entry fee of zoo and regional park,” he said, adding that citizens would also be able to use this card for payment against tickets for city buses and at parking lots in city.

Soni, however, could not confirm about charges to be collected from citizens for these cards and said that a decision on it was yet to be taken. Detailing about the card, ISCDL officials said, they have plans to launch this card with personalised option having name as well as picture of the user.

“Smart mobility card would come up with open-loop option. It can also be used at merchant locations and at ATMs,” they said, adding that they already had a pre-bid meeting and the card’s final layout is expected to be finalised soon.