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Solving India’s water crisis: Vizag gets world’s first mobile “water from air” kiosk

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Submitted by scc india staff on April 2, 2021

With the mission to ease dependence on scarce water resources and provide water on a sustainable basis wherever required, Telengana-based start-up Maithri Aquatech has set up the world’s first mobile water from air kiosk and water knowledge center in Visakhapatnam. The kiosk will provide mineral-enriched potable and clean water, harvested from the air by making use of MEGHDOOT solution as a source to generate water with no dependency on scarce groundwater as well as surface water resources.

Maithri Aquatech’s own innovative solution, MEGHDOOT, produces 100% microbe-free potable water by using the water vapour present in the air. The solution is decentralized, highly scalable and environmentally friendly, and the water generated meets if not exceeds the guidelines of both WHO as well as Indian standards for potable water.

This initiative is supported by the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) and Sustainable Enterprises for Water and Health (SEWAH), which is alliance between USAID and Safe Water Network (SWN). USAID has partnered with the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs under the Jal Jeevan program.

“Safe Water Alliance partners such as Maithri Aquatech supply safe, affordable, drinking water through their water kiosk which also double up as Water Knowledge Resource Centers (WKRC) established under the project SEWAH. The WKRC would impart essential WASH education to the local community, schools and consumers, and be a connecting link between urban local body and citizen for WASH engagement,” said Poonam Sewak, Vice President Programs and Partnerships, SWN.

In addition to supplying clean water, the kiosk will also function as a Water Knowledge Resource Centre (WRKC) by creating awareness and imparting necessary information to members of the local under-served communities as well as nearby schools on the benefits of good water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) practices.