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Smart signals to keep an eye on traffic violators in Gurugram

Smart signals
Submitted by scc india staff on March 25, 2021

The Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) is planning to set up smart traffic signals at new traffic locations across the city and convert the existing signals into smart ones wherever necessary. The move is likely to ease traffic movement and keep constant vigil over the functioning of traffic signals. A smart traffic signal is an automated one and unlike manual or conventional ones takes into account the volume of traffic on a real-time basis.

As per GMDA officials, from now on only smart signals will be set up at every new traffic location. Seven such signals have already been placed at important junctions and stretches, such as Bakhtawar Chowk, Huda City Centre, Old Delhi-Gurgaon Road and Pataudi Road.

Further, GMDA is also compiling a detailed project report (DPR) to identify the spots where existing traffic signals have been installed, check their working condition, and assess if the signals are providing comprehensive coverage.

“Smart traffic signals are ideal for mobility as they turn red or green depending on the volume of traffic at each end. This way, commuters have to wait at a signal for the shortest duration possible. Conventional traffic signals, where the changing of signs is already pre-decided, do not conform take into account real-time traffic volume,” said JS Sindhu, engineer, traffic, mobility wing, GMDA.

The GMDA’s long-term aim is to also link all of the city’s traffic signals to their Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC), from where they can also monitor their functioning.

“Wherever new traffic signals are being installed, the GMDA is only setting up smart ones. So far, seven major points in the city have already been covered and work on adding the same at a dozen more points is in process,” said Sindhu.

Recently, GMDA floated tenders for installing traffic signals on Krishna Chowk — a key intersection on Old Delhi-Gurgaon Road.“We are also planning on phasing out conventional traffic signals from the city and replacing them with smart traffic signals. A DPR on this is being prepared but the matter is still at a nascent stage. Our long-term vision is to connect all traffic signals in the city with our ICCC so that we can monitor them on a real-time basis and quickly spot any errors in case the signals malfunction,” said Sindhu.

As per GMDA officials, the city has around 130 traffic signals. Sewa Ram, an urban transport systems design expert and a faculty member of the School of Planning and Architecture (SPA), Delhi, said that the objective of smart traffic signals is to reduce delay and optimise movement as per the traffic conditions.