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Smart Cities Week RETURNS! - Denver May 23-25, 2022

Submitted by Connie Heath on March 16, 2022

Smart Cities Week returns! May 23-25, 2022 in Denver, Colorado

Co-hosted by Smart Cities Council, Colorado Smart Cities Alliance, National Smart Coalitions Partnership and Wireless Association of America. 

Also Sponsored by Dense Networks

Email if you are interested in exhibiting or sponsoring or speaking at Smart Cities Week.

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With an unprecedented line-up of West Coast and Rocky Mountain cities, the focus of Smart Cities Week is on people and projects. We will explore questions about how we increase the capacity of communities to understand and deploy data driven solutions while accelerating projects that deliver liveability, workability and sustainability.

Along with the unique opportunity to earn the world’s only Smart Cities Practitioner Certificate, attendees will be able to participate in cutting-edge programs such as:

  • Smart Cities Academy where attendees earn the world’s only Smart Cities Certificate
  • Meet Readiness Challenge Finalists from the 2022 Readiness Challenge
  • Programming about
    • ‘Using AI and Digital Twins for Resiliency’
    • ‘Investing in Well Being’
    • ‘Scaling Innovation Districts’
    • Sessions about moving beyond pilots from Air Quality to Connected Vehicles
    • A look into the future of transportation
    • ‘A Nation of Smart Regions’ from the National Smart Coalitions Partnership


Uniquely positioned to explore communications and IoT, Smart Cities Week produced with WIA’s Connect(X) is the only smart cities event west of the Mississippi in 2022. Attendees will have the opportunity to come together to participate in a variety of sessions about the future of urban innovation and will be empowered to network with other smart cities trailblazers. Additionally, they will have access to the Exposition Hall featuring cutting-edge companies in the business of enhancing connectivity.

“The Colorado Smart Cities Alliance is excited to be co-hosting Smart Cities Week in Denver. This is an opportunity to engage our public and private sector stakeholders in a conversation about the role that infrastructure and broadband planning play in smart cities. We are proud to participate in a collaborative event that offers a platform to update the world about smart city developments in Colorado and across the United States.” said Tyler Svitak, Executive Director of the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance.

About the Smart Cities Council

We envision a world where innovation, technology and data leverages smart, sustainable cities with high-quality living and high-quality jobs. The Smart Cities Council serves as an objective and neutral network for sharing knowledge. With the world’s only Smart Cities Academy, you can secure a Smart Cities Practitioner Certificate. With Smart Cities Activator and the Readiness Program communities can accelerate projects with online project collaboration. For more information email

About Colorado Smart Cities Alliance 

The Colorado Smart Cities Alliance is a state-wide organization that brings together government, businesses and allied organizations to improve life for all Coloradans through creation of innovative technology partnerships. The organization accelerates civic innovation in Colorado through partnership building, research, education and consulting. Learn more about the Alliance, its partners, research and current projects at

About WIA

The Wireless Infrastructure Association represents the companies that make up the wireless infrastructure ecosystem in the United States. Members are the businesses that develop, build, own and operate that nation’s wireless infrastructure. WIA member companies include wireless carriers, infrastructure providers, and professional services firms that collectively own and operate more than 135,000 telecommunications facilities around the globe. 

Through public affairs and advocacy efforts – on the local, state, and federal level – WIA works to support the widespread deployment of the wireless infrastructure in order to deliver broadband access to all citizens and communities.