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The Smart Cities Value Framework

Submitted by Adam Beck on December 11, 2020

Following its most successful year yet, the Australia New Zealand Smart Cities Awards revealed a significant evolution in the maturity of the smart cities market place. The quantity and quality of smart cities projects submitted supassed previous years. 

Early pilot projects that had been in the pipeline for years are finding there way into the mainstream - such as smart partking and pedestrian counting.

Other projects, spurred by the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighted the human-centred nature of the agenda in helping change peoples lives, for the good. Adavanced technology and data solutions are also being applied to our most wicked environmental challenges, such as extensive waste stream contamination and climate change.

Let's just say that 2020 saw some of the best smart cities projects have a big impact.

But there is always room for further advancement, and the Smart Cities Council is delighted to announce a new project that will see the creation of a Smart Cities Value Framework.

This Framework will provide both policy makers and practitioners with a means to define and measure the benefit and value of their smart cities actions and investments.

With a research and discovery phase underway, the Council is seeking stakeholder input on existing experiences with measuring smart cities project value, preferred attributes of a smart cities value framework and what would make using such a framework feasible.

The Council would be delighted to receive feedback via the following survey

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