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Smart Cities Project Activator for Investors

Submitted by kevin ebi on June 22, 2018

Cities and investors often want the same things but lack a common language and forum to productively engage. That’s why we built the Smart Cities Project Activator, a data-driven forum for cities, developers, infrastructure providers and financiers to collaborate to advance smart city projects and their benefits.

How the Smart Cities Project Activator helps
The Smart Cities Project Activator benefits the investment community by expanding prospective project pipelines and reducing the time from project identification to deal structure and implementation. 

  • Access to deep pipeline of “Ready” City projects seeking financing
  • Ability to filter and select projects based on custom investment criteria
  • Information about City assets to identify potential value-add benefits and revenue streams
  • Understanding of City stakeholder ecosystem to accelerate Public Private Partnership formation
  • Forum to efficiently educate cities about project data needed to determine best financial instruments and structures

According to David Soares CEO of Lexden Capital, a company with several billion dollars worth of projects in its pipeline: "Getting involved in the early formative stages of project structuring to evaluate financing, technology, management and construction factors, increases the ability of both the city and the private sector to have a successful project in an expeditious time frame."

Smart Cities Project Activator is designed specifically to meet that need for cities, investors and solution providers to engage sooner to create better outcomes.

Take the next step
Smart infrastructure investors and financers, contact us to find out how you can benefit from the Smart Cities Project Activator.