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Smart Cities Award winners step up in 2020

Submitted by Adam Beck on December 3, 2020

The smart cities leaders of Australia and New Zealand have accelerated their efforts in 2020, with new technology solutions and innovative projects tackling the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic head on.

Eighteen winners have been acknowledged across seven categories for their visionary leadership, best practice projects and real-world impact.

The third annual Smart Cities Awards was presented virtually this year by Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand.

“This year’s winners have played key roles in the national advancement of smart cities across Australia and New Zealand, while also leading a digitally-enabled and data-driven recovery from COVID-19,” says Smart Cities Council’s Executive Director Adam Beck.

The City of Parramatta took home the coveted Leadership City category after rolling out a host of dynamic smart cities projects. Among these is a sensing network on a new 25-hectare development, a parking app which was enhanced in 2020 in response to COVID-19, and Floodsmart Paramatta, Australia’s first automated real time flash flood warning system. 

Four individuals were applauded for their leadership. City of Ipswich Mayor Teresa Harding was recognised for delivering Australia’s first ‘smart transparency and integrity hub’. Nicole Stephensen from Ground Up Consulting was presented with an award for her work to reframe privacy as an opportunity, rather than a roadblock.

Sean Audain from Wellington City Council was acknowledged for harnessing technology to build resilience to earthquakes, sea level rise and other natural disasters. Lake Macquarie Council’s Claire Chaikin-Bryan was recognised as an emerging leader for her work to expand the use of IoT, support local innovators and encourage community digital and data literacy.

“Smart cities innovators have been laying solid foundations for several years, and some of these multi-year projects have been rewarded in 2020. But COVID-19 has also accelerated smart cities efforts in 2020, and we are seeing greater data sharing, digitally-supported services and community engagement in smart cities innovation,” Mr Beck adds.

“Together, our winners demonstrate the central role of smart cities in enhancing services for communities, building prosperity and enhancing resilience.” “2020 confirmed that people are at the centre of the smart cities movement.”

The full list of Finalists, Highly Commended recipients and Winners are listed below:

Policy Leadership AwardWinner:City of Darwin - Privacy Framework Highly Commended:
  • City of Adelaide - 10 Gig City
  • North Sydney Council - North Sydney Smart Cities Strategy
 Data Leadership AwardWinner:Moreton Bay Regional Council - Artificial Intelligence Program Highly Commended:
  • SYSTRA Scott Lister - Level Crossing Replacement Program
  • City of Greater Geelong - Geelong Data Exchange
  • Brisbane City Council - City Analytics Office
  • City of Darwin - Place Score Survey
  • Wyndham CIty Council - Smart Parking
  • City of Casey - Customer 360
  • City of Canterbury Bankstown - Data Activation Roadmap
  • Christchurch City Council - Smart View
  • City of Melbourne Council - Navigating City Works
  • Lake Macquarie City Council - Data Sharing Policy
  • City of Gold Coast - Digital City Insights Program
  • Townsville CIty Council - Liveability Studies
  • City of Adelaide - Energy and Water Tracking
 Future of Place AwardWinner:Lake Macquarie City Council - Smart Beaches Highly Commended:
  • City of Canning - Wharf Street Basin
  • Christchurch City Council - EQRNet
  • Street Furniture Australia - ChillOUT Hubs
  • PEET Ltd. - Googong Smart Community
  • City of Canterbury Bankstown - Project Urban Flow
  • ESEM Projects - StoryBox
  • City of Melville - Smart Grid
  • City of Parramatta Council - Melrose Park
  • Cities of Joondalup and Wanneroo - Yellagonga
  • Wollongong City Council - Smart Stormwater Management
  • City of Marion - Oaklands Smart Precinct
  • Telstra - C-V2X
 The Impact AwardWinner:City of Casey - Digital Activation Program Highly Commended:
  • Newcastle City Council - Lean in Newy
  • Meshed IoT - COVID-19 Pedestrian Index
  • City of Parramatta Council - CBD Parking Finder
  • Wellington City Council - Digital Strategy
  • SAGE Group - School Zone Speed Limiting
  • Beca - Talanoa Project
  • City of Canterbury Bankstown - Closing the Loop
  • Auckland Transport - Public Transit COVID Response
  • Deakin University - Hydrogen Hub
 Smart Cities Leaders
  • Nicole Stephensen | Ground Up Consulting
  • Mayor Teresa Harding | City of Ipswich
  • Claire Chaikin-Bryan | Lake Macquarie City Council
  • Sean Audain | Wellington City Council
  • John Kinghorn | Hamilton City Council
  • Melissa Harris | Vic Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning
  • Georgie Johnson | City of Marion
  • Grace de Leon | Christchurch City Council
 SDG Action AwardWinner:City of Canterbury Bankstown - Closing the Loop Highly Commended:City of Melville - Smart Grid Finalists:
  • Deakin University - Hydrogen Hub
  • City of Adelaide - Water and Energy Tracking
 Leadership CityWinner:City of Parramatta

More information on each category and winner can be found in the Media Release below.