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Smart Cities Activator

Submitted by jdekeles on January 15, 2020

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Collaborative online planning for multi-stakeholder projects

Smart Cities Activator is an online platform that helps cities plan and deploy smart projects.

Activator is also the first and only smart city tool for collaborative planning. It can handle anything from a simple survey of customer needs; to paint-by-numbers project templates; and all the way to full-scale project plans.

Thanks to Activator, you can now work together on multiple projects with multiple people in multiple locations and time zones. Any changes to any plan are seen instantly by all other team members, regardless of location.

How to gain access to Activator

If you are a city, apply to the 2021 Readiness Challenge and get your free for one year Smart Cities Activator account.

If you are a solution providers, please contact us to join the Council.

Let's do this together!

Activator Plan: Provides collaborative project planning guides in over 150 languages.



Activator Exchange: Learn what other cities are planning globally


Activator Discover: Find out what cities are thinking and doing