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The Smart Cities Academy

Submitted by Adam Beck on July 27, 2020

The Smart Cities Council has launched the Smart Cities Academy to support the diverse professional development needs of the growing smart cities market place.

The modules delivered through the Academy cater for early career practitioners as well as advanced professionals and policy makers seeking recognition of their ongoing contribution to the industry.

An information pack is available for download below.

Here's what you need to know about the Smart Cities Academy

  • The Academy is underpinned by the Smart Cities Practitioner Certificate
  • Modules have been co-created with the industry's leading smart cities practitioners and policy makers
  • The Foundation modules provide the essentials, with the choice to sit the Practitioner Certificate assessment
  • Elective and specialised modules cater for the dynamic and evolving nature of technology, data and sustainable cities
  • Each module provides 'education hours' that contribute to annual maintenance of the Practitioner Certificate
  • Your contribution to other Smart Cities Council activities (such as Task Forces, Communities of Practice, Case Studies) accrue education hours
  • Smart Cities Council Partners get free seats to the Smart Cities Academy on an annual basis.

The Smart Cities Academy will officially launch in January 2021, with the first five foundation modules and six catalyst modules available on-demand via our online platform.

However, there is an opportunity for a limited number of policy makers and practitioners to participate in the advanced delivery of the foundation modules as part of Smart Cities Week Australia New Zealand 2020.

The 2020 Future Cities Academy

As part of Smart Cities Week Australia New Zealand 2020 an advanced opportunity is being provided to participate in the foundation module sessions via a 1 day online intensive on Thursday 15 October. There will be three modules delivered on this day:

10:00AM-12:00PM - FOUNDATION MODULE 1: The Fundamentals

This module provides the foundation knowledge on the what and why of smart cities. The topics covered include:

  • Definition - this is where it starts, and where our mindset on smart cities is calibrated!
  • Benefits - this is all about the 'why?'
  • Standards - are a very powerful tool for building consistency, opportunity and scaling of smart cities solutions
  • Framework - how do you 'do' smart cities.... breaking it down for quick action, and long term value
  • Enablers - learn about the seven core technology and data enablers

12:30-2:30PM - FOUNDATION MODULE 2: Action Essentials

This module provides knowledge and insights on building the conditions for smart cities success. The topics covered include:

  • Governance and Leadership - the strategic enablers for organisational commitment and action
  • Procurement - the often challenging world of procurement needs creative ideas for ongoing change
  • Funding and Financing - considered one of the biggest barriers, how can we build new opportunity to attract investment
  • Capacity and Resourcing - who needs to know what about smart cities?
  • Project Creation - your 'jump-start' guide to mobilising a project

3:00-5:00PM - FOUNDATION MODULE 3: Elective

An additional Foundation Module will be required to qualify for a practitioner certificate. Participants will have the opportunity to choose from one of three choices for their third module. These options include:

  1. Data Leadership - the five 'vitals' for data leadership: Purpose, Privacy, Security, Ethics and Governance
  2. Data Activation - an overview of some of the emerging platforms and approaches to activating data, such as data exchanges, data trusts and digital twins
  3. The Sustainable Development Goals and Smart Cities - how can your smart cities effort embed the global SDG's as outcomes

For each of the three foundation modules, they are:

  • Delivered online
  • 2hrs in duration
  • Contain an assessment item (for those seeking to persue the Practitioner Certificate credential).

This opportunity to participate in the October 2020 Academy is offered complimentary to local government employees and Smart Cities Council partners. Other stakeholders can also participate at a fee of AUD$395 (+GST). Registration is available here.

The Smart Cities Practitioner Certificate

Participants who complete the foundation modules of the Smart Cities Academy will have the option of complete the relevant assessment items and if they achieve the minimum pass mark, will be awarded the Smart Cities Practitioner Certificate.

To maintain the Smart Cities Practitioner Certificate, participants must complete 15hrs of continuing education per year from any mix of the following:

  • Complete additional Future Cities Academy Modules
  • Participate in SCC webinars/online sessions
  • Participate in SCC Task Forces/ Communities of Practice
  • Publish case studies on SCC website
  • Attend Smart Cities Week, or other SCC in-person events
  • Share projects and plans on Smart Cities Activator.



The Practitioner Certificate provides recognition for an individuals knowledge on key smart cities concepts, as well as rewarding practitioners for their ongoing contribution to the industry.

The credential is:

  • Provided on successful completion of assessment items in Foundation/Catalyst modules
  • Available as a Digital Certificate (PDF)
  • Accompanied with a logo for practitioner use to identify/promote their credential
  • Promoted globally, with credentialed practitioners listed on the SCC website
  • A symbol of an individuals commitment to advancing more liveable, workable and sustainable communities.

Join us.