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Singara Chennai 2.0: OSR plots to have parks, miyawaki forest

Singara Chennai
Submitted by scc india staff on August 27, 2021

Corporation commissioner Gagandeep Singh Bedi told the media that Greater Chennai Municipal Corporation has 700 open space reservation (OSR) plots, and under the Singara Chennai 2.0 project, all this land will be given to the parks department to be developed into playfields, parks, or miyawaki forests.

In 2020, the Greater Chennai civic body took up a comprehensive evaluation of all its properties. The civic body urged ward-level officials to enter the data on a portal designed for this purpose.

Officials are now to carry out physical verification of these properties to identify their development current status.

Revenue and finance deputy commissioner Vishu Mahajan told the media that the civic body proposes to make public details of the civic body’s properties. Another physical verification round will also be conducted to find if the land is encroached or not.

An official in the land and estate department told the media that these records are usually available only at the ward level. Every ward has a corporation property register that has properties details.

The land available details had to be sought at the ward level when any development project was taken up. Engineers had these records. If records are digitised and made public, it will make the complete process easy and ensure undeveloped properties are not encroached, said the official.

The civic body acquired total assets data from the revenue and disaster management department that developed the Tamil Nilam portal to identify more of its properties.

An official said that all the patta transfers and gift deeds are available on the portal. Land records will be verified and will also seek related asset data for added areas that were earlier panchayats and municipalities, which will be the second step to add more assets to the Chennai municipal corporation.

Land classification heads of fourteen types were formed, and all information, once consolidated and verified, will be up on Chennai Land Administration Portal (CLAP).