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SAGE Group Celebrates Five Years of Partnership with Smart Cities Council

Submitted by Robyn Francis on June 13, 2024

Smart Cities Council is delighted to announce the continuation of its longstanding collaboration with SAGE Group, marking five years of impactful partnership. Since joining as a regional lead member on 26 February 2019, SAGE Group has consistently demonstrated its commitment to advancing the smart cities sector and driving integrated industrial digitalisation services.

SAGE Group, a global company with an extensive national footprint and a team of over 700 professionals, has developed a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to support clients in accelerating their digital journey. With the perfect balance of technology, process, and capability, SAGE delivers reliable Smart Cities solutions that foster smarter, safer, and digitally connected public spaces and transport networks. By leveraging open data and innovative technology, SAGE helps cities and authorities apply data to make informed decisions, going beyond mere telemetry collection to drive processes that ensure efficient use of resources, from personnel to energy. This approach enhances the ability to achieve outstanding public outcomes that are accessible to all.

As we celebrate this milestone, SAGE Group will continue to play a pivotal role in the SCC ecosystem through engagements such as Smart Cities Week APAC where their team will join stakeholders from the public sector, private sector and academia throughout the week where they will share valuable use cases, projects, and insights. Key verticals of focus include energy, manufacturing, transport and water, areas in which SAGE has demonstrated significant expertise and leadership.

SAGE’s National Manager for Smart Cities, Ashby Martin contributed “Partnership with the Smart Cities Council helps to demonstrate that we’re aligned with the best practices in the industry and that we are collaborating on problems that will have a meaningful impact on our communities. Over the past 5 years we have helped other Smart Cities Council members to make better decisions, use resources most efficiently and provide great public experiences.”

"We are thrilled to continue our partnership with SAGE Group," said Tom Pennington, Vice President and Global Advisory Lead for Smart Cities Council. "Their unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of smart cities aligns perfectly with our mission to create more liveable, workable, and sustainable cities. Over the past five years, SAGE Group has consistently demonstrated leadership and dedication to advancing the smart cities sector, and we look forward to their continued contributions."

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Robyn Francis
Events and Engagement Lead
Smart Cities Council

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About SAGE Group

SAGE Group is a global company with an extensive national footprint and more than 700 people. As an integrated industrial digitalisation services provider, SAGE has built a suite of solutions designed to support clients to accelerate their digital journey and unlock potential with the perfect balance of technology, process and capability. 

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