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Philip Bane, Managing Director

Submitted by scc staff on December 23, 2014

Philip is an expert in applying technology to achieve sustainability. He has been a pioneer in resource informatics for sustainability (managing multiple resources streams via integrated data management). Philip has held senior, global positions in sales, operations and law. He has taken a company public as its General Counsel, established businesses in Russia and India, and led complex, multi-million dollar projects managing data in the oil and gas industry. He was Army Ranger qualified while in the military, completed 200 hours of Vinyasa Yoga Training and is now studying to be a Zen Buddhist Chaplain for community engagement.

“We are all just walking each other home” Ram Das

At Smart Cities Council, Philip is responsible for managing all day-to-day activities. He also focuses on developing the Council’s strategic vision - especially its work on using data to improve community well being and using data to reduce suffering through the Council's Compassionate Cities program.
202-650-0023 ext. 103