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People Counting Systems – Evaluating A Tender

Submitted by Robyn Francis on May 26, 2023

As well as the business aspects of a tender for a counting application, there are several technical aspects that reviewers should be aware of. This white paper discusses those technical aspects in detail.
These can be divided into the following areas: 

  • Performance 
  • Data format, access, etc 
  • Maintenance and support
  • Miscellaneous items

These areas are covered in this new white paper, delivered by Smart Cities Council member Countculture. 

The Countculture story

People counting seems like pretty futuristic stuff, but we’ve actually been in the game since 1998. Back then, we were called Reveal, and we developed one of the world’s first computer vision people counting systems. We’ve been growing and innovating ever since.

It all started with curiosity. One question: ‘how many?’ But as time passed, we realised ‘how many’ was just the start. More questions developed, like, ‘why is that?’ ’Can we fix this?’ ‘Who’s using this?’ ‘Is this safe?’ And, finally, ‘How can we make this space better?’ Our curiosity grew, and our technology grew with it.

Countculture uses world-leading technology to monitor how people and vehicles flow through indoor and outdoor environments, with a minimum of 98% accuracy. So, when we’re asked ‘how many?’ we’re able to give a precise answer. And, from there, we can help businesses, councils, even governments with the next how: how to make spaces better, and futures brighter. With Countculture, it’s easy to see the bigger picture.

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