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Our Mission

Submitted by jdekeles on April 10, 2012
The Smart Cities Council is an advisor and market accelerator. We promote the move to smart, sustainable cities. We contribute to our Partners' business success through advocacy and action.
  • Readiness Guides: High-level models and metrics against which cities can measure their progress. Our Readiness Guides answer the questions "Where does our city rank now?" and "What should we work on first?"
  • Financing templates and case studies: Guidance for new financing models now emerging, some of which combine public, private, philanthropic and development sources.
  • Policy frameworks and case studies: Examples of policies that promote economic development while also safeguarding citizens.
  • Visibility campaigns: Coordinated, joined-voices initiatives to help citizens understand that smart cities represent a path to a better future. These campaigns include awards, events, publishing and research.
  • Regional networking events: High-level, invitation-only events where cities and their citizens can learn directly from some of the world's top experts in the many disciplines that combine to create a smart city.

Want to learn more about the Council and how you or your company can get involved? Watch this video >>


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