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Orange County Smart & Healthy Building Readiness Program

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on April 28, 2021


Vision and Action

Major Jerry Demings has made making Orange County sustainable and resilient a top priority. Starting in 2020 with a Sustainable Operations and Resilience Action Plan and then applying and winning in 2021 the Smart Cities Council Readiness Challenge, Orange County is now actively driving to accelerate specific projects that will make it sustainable and resilient in 2021.

Acceleration of Outcomes

The Smart Cities Council Readiness Program engages other cities, experts and solution providers to provide Orange County with a greater solution set and to accelerate the pre-procurement process. The Readiness Program started April 15 and will continue through November 1, 2021. 

The schedule is here.

You can ask to access Projects and Use Cases here.

Specific Outcomes

  • Carbon reduction and energy efficiency: Orange County seeks to reduce carbon emissions from its built environment through energy efficiency and innovative EV infrastructure.
  • Air, water and occupancy improvements: Orange County seeks to improve water usage, air and circulation quality and overall improve the building occupant experience (‘wellness.’)
  • Security and fire: Orange County seeks to improve security and fire protection, starting at the Orange County Convention Center and extending to the rest of its building assets.

Funding and Accelerated Process

Orange County is committing America Rescue Act funds to accelerate these outcomes. As a Readiness Challenge Winner, it is using the Smart Cities Council’s Readiness Program process to identify those projects that can be accelerated and funded. With the Smart Cities Council Readiness Program, Orange County is accelerating and integrating the ‘Plan/Do/Act/Check’ four-step process model so that its residents actually see benefits in 2021. 

Specific Projects and Use Cases

Orange County will accelerate projects that have specific sustainability, resiliency, cost reduction or revenue generation benefits for its built environment.  This page provides access to projects and use cases. Along with these cases listed, Orange County will also consider solutions that integrate its built environment ecosystem with holistic benefits such as:

  • Predictive analytics - Digital Twins
  • Carbon reduction and energy efficiency –
    • Electric Vehicle Infrastructure
    • Innovative offset, ride sharing or other carbon emission reduction programs that can be offered residents (permanent and visitors.)
  • Economic revitalization - Introduce workforce or economic development programs that leverage Orange County’s assets
  • Resiliency – mitigate Orange County’s vulnerability to high intensity storms, heat waves, lightning and sinkholes.