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Orange County Convention Center Needs Your Solutions

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on May 3, 2021


Orange County, Florida is a current 2021 winner of the Smart Cities Council Readiness Challenge. In the previous session, held on April 15, Mayor Jerry Demings outlined the county's vision for its built environment, which includes the US's second largest convention center, the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) and over 430 other buildings. In this session, Jeff Benavides, Orange County's Chief Sustainability and Resilience Officer discusses use-cases and requirements for the covention center.

  • Presentations can be found below. The presentation with 'Tech Drive' in the title will show more information about the requirements. The presentation with 'Agenda' in the title will tel you how to get invovled.
  • Make sure you read about the security requirements that are immediatedly needed below.
  • The schedule of upcoming sessions can be found in the 'Agenda' attachment and here

OCCC Impact

OCCC is over 7 million square feet over two (2) separate buildings. It significantly contributes to Orange County's economic success -


In the discussion about use-cases, there was a specific focus on:

  • How can OCCC show vistors that the building and any individual room is safe to use and in fact, make sure it is safe?
  • Which air circulation, temperature and other occupancy enhancements can we add that will make the OCCC safer and healthier?
  • How do we improve energy efficiency?
  • And very importantly, and of immediate interest, how can we improve the security of OCCC.

Improving Security at OCCC

On the latter point - making improving security at OCCC, interested parties are asked to contact the Smart Cities Council and after vetting, will be allowed ot participate in an 'invite-only' session about improving security at OCCC. Download the attachment with 'Agenda' in the title and see the last slide and contact us.