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Oizom installs 129 air quality monitors across 9 Smart Cities

Submitted by Tanveer Padode on April 29, 2022

An India-based environment monitoring technology solutions provider Oizom has installed 129 Smart air quality monitors across nine Smart Cities in India. Oizom has established a new project in Bhagalpur Smart City Bihar with its smart accurate and affordable Air Quality Monitoring system.

In 2015 the Government launched the 100 Smart Cities program for which Oizom has pioneered in providing robust accurate and compact solutions for air quality monitoring. The innovation-led company installed 129 Smart air quality monitors across nine Smart Cities in India. Around 34.93% of the population of India resides in urban cities according to the 2020 census.

Vrushank Vyas the COO of Oizom told the media that for fulfilling the vision of a smart city it is necessary to observe the air quality levels. This is where Oizom has put time and effort into making Polludrone a compact and affordable solution to fit the requirements of smart cities.

Oizom's Polludrone can monitor all the critical ambient environmental parameters related to air quality odour weather noise and radiation. It calculates the concentrations of ambient pollutants in an urban environment.

Oizom began its installation in Kakinada Smart City in 2017 and eventually extended to eight other cities over five years such as Davangere Imphal Varanasi Gandhinagar Surat Itanagar and Agra.

Polludrone is its in-house patented technology of 'e-breathing' where the device breathes in the air like a human nose but detects and categorises the different particles gaseous substances and even the temperature and humidity of the place. Its real-time data monitoring capability is very helpful for the local authorities to investigate the environmental problems and make a decisive action plan.

By deploying its Ambient Air quality monitoring system Oizom saved 50% of the project expense for Kakinada smart city. Oizom has also launched its products in various Smart City projects across the world. With more than 1,000 devices established across the globe Oizom seeks to make air quality monitoring affordable accessible and scalable.


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