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New Smart Campus addresses youth unemployment and access to education

Submitted by compassionatec… on August 19, 2016

With high unemployment rates a serious challenge for countries around the world today – coupled with increasing demand for people with technical skills – the new Smart Campus program launched by Council Lead Partners Ooredoo and Microsoft in Maldives certainly sounds like a solution worth watching. – Philip Bane

The Smart Campus solution is powered by Microsoft in Education -- a cloud-based application that transforms existing paper-based management processes to a cloud-based system, enabling educators to maintain their curriculums online.

Image removed.Through the partnership with the Qatar-based telecom giant, Microsoft technologies will be able to empower Maldivian educators to create environments in and out of the classroom that guide and nurture student passions. Since the platform is cloud based, students in even the remotest locations in Maldives can be part of this transformational learning environment.

Ooredoo is providing the Smart Campus program to Maldives Polytechnic free of charge.

Tech can liberate communities
 "Technology can help to liberate communities with new opportunities that they might not have had otherwise," explains Ooredoo head of sales Hussain Niya. "Ooredoo is committed to connecting more and more people to these prospects. With Polytechnic Maldives being the first institute in theMaldives to provide free technical and vocational education to young people, we are pleased to support them in expanding their reach to cover the entire nation."

Smart Campus solutions are provided with free connectivity for educational institutions, as well as free data packages for students who join the program from remote locations. Students and teachers who use the service will also receive free licenses from Microsoft, which connects them to an array of educational opportunities.

"Around our global footprint, young people face a number of issues from high unemployment rates to lack of educational opportunities," notes Ooredoo Maldives CEO Vikram Sinha. "Digital solutions such as Ooredoo Smart Campus allow students to overcome such challenges and access development opportunities in order to achieve their full potential."

Smart Campus not only lets students have access to educational material at any time, but also enables them to complete the coursework and submit it online, making education more accessible for all.

Opportunities offered to students and teachers through the Microsoft in Education platform include communications support, online class notes with live comments and quizzes, attendance marking systems as well as online scheduling and timetables. Students also receive access to online classrooms with classroom-to-classroom sharing, guest speakers, virtual field trips, recorded lessons and more.

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