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Need a partner? Navigant ranks top smart city vendors

Submitted by scc staff on August 28, 2015

IBM worked with the city of Rio de Janeiro on this Operations Center that provides the incident commander and responders with a single, unified view of all the information that they require for situational awareness.

Navigant Research says the global smart city technology market will grow from $8.8 billion in 2014 to over $27.5 billion by 2023. Those figures illustrate more than significant growth in the number and extent of smart city initiatives -- and the wealth of opportunities for the technology vendors that supply the products and services needed for those initiatives to be successful.

The market research and consulting firm acknowledges the difficulties encountered in comparing strengths and weaknesses of a variety of different companies operating in a broad range of sectors. "However, such comparisons are becoming more important as city and other service providers look to select partners and technology providers to help them deliver on their smart city strategies and ambitions," Navigant said in a news release.

The "supplier ecosystem" for smart cities continues to grow as established companies move into various sectors and startups work to take advantage of emerging areas where they can claim a piece of a sector. To make sense of the complex market, the Navigant Research Leaderboard Report weighed the strategies and performance of 16 top smart city suppliers capable of guiding large-scale smart city projects spanning "multiple operational and service areas."

Based on 10 ratings criteria, the Navigant report profiles, rates and ranks vendors to give the smart city industry what it describes as an objective assessment of their strengths and weaknesses in a growing market. The top five are listed below:

IBM, Cisco, Schneider Electric and Microsoft are Council Lead Partners. Siemens is an Associate Partner.

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