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LVX Global Joins Council as a Global Lead Partner

Submitted by Connie Heath on April 13, 2021


Leading organization partners to drive awareness and realize opportunities in the Smart City Sector

For Immediate Release - April 14, 2021

Washington, D.C. - based Smart Cities Council (SCC) is pleased to announce that LVX Global, an international technology solutions business that identifies, designs, delivers and manages high value, scalable, replicable social outcomes at the intersection of technology, engineering, and human behavioral science, has signed on as Global Lead Partner and will sponsor programs in both Australia and the US. 

Smart Cities Council is one of the preeminent thought leaders and policy drivers in Australia, India and Australia, with hundreds of cities, service providers and technology companies using it as a reference point for the state of play in Smart Cities.  SCC through its Academy Program, its Readiness Guide, and the transformational ‘Activator’ Project Design, Management, Visualization and Ideation Tool, provide the knowledge, tools and networks to take Smart Cities from being a point of discussion to a point of action

 LVX will 

  • participate globally, accessing SCC’s ongoing world-wide Readiness Challenge which discovers upcoming projects in the pre-procurement phase, where the public sector needs the most help; and,
  • participate in Australia in Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand (‘SCC ANZ’) Readiness Challenge Program - Brisbane City Data Leadership program of engagements to advance data leadership and activation opportunities across city planning and management functions.
  • participate in the US in SCC’s Orange County Smart & Healthy Building Readiness Program, the largest in North America. The Orange County, Florida program will collaboratively scope innovative solutions to increase economic opportunity with safe resource (air, energy and water) management.
  • participate in India in Smart Cities Council India ('SCC India") HR Leadership Summit scheduled on 21st May 2021 and a forthcoming series on cybersecurity and urban governance"

LVX Global has been involved with SCC for several years and the elevated partnership will further drive awareness, leadership, and the capacity to realize opportunities in the smart buildings and smart cities sector which is now the world’s 6th largest and fastest growing industry.  

Comments on the news:

 “In these unprecedented times the need for a cohesive, collaborative response to the challenges and opportunities that face cities and communities has never been more evident”, said Mark Verheyen, President, LVX Global USA.

“Smart Cities Council, in its work in the USA and Australia is a leading contributor to discovering solutions for the social challenges of urban transformation, and its mission aligns perfectly with LVX’s, which is about meaningful social change at the intersection of behavioural science, technology and engineering.” said Philip Bane, Managing Director of Smart Cities Council

Adam Beck, the Executive Director of Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand added “It is fantastic that a company like LVX Global increases its commitment to the Smart Cities discussion, both in Australia and globally.”

Pratap Padode, the Executive Director of Smart Cities Council India adds "City design and priorities have been upended for many city planners. While they are the economic engines that drive growth, they can also be the vortex of dread when faced with a pandemic. Smart people and technology are key pillars of urban sustainability."

 “Smart Cities for LVX is all about creating safe, more beautiful and activated environments that also deliver economic benefits. This process has to be human-centric, data driven and sometimes technology enabled.”, added Corey Gray, CEO of LVX Global. “LVX’s believes that through education, policy, advocacy and thought leadership, LVX can work with Smart Cities Council to increase and accelerate the benefits of their great work”

About LVX 

LVX Global is an international technology solutions business that identifies, designs, delivers and manages high value, scalable, replicable social outcomes at the intersection of technology, engineering, and human behavioral science.

With over 30 years' experience and with operations across Australia and subsidiaries in Europe, Asia, and North America, LVX Global is today conceiving, designing, delivering, and managing innovative projects for both government and the private sector.  

Smart City and building customers across the world call LVX Global for its engineering and advisory services and with access to owned and licensed technology LVX Global is uniquely placed to provide end-to-end solutions. 

LVX Global is passionate about creating a safer, more beautiful, and engaging environment. 

Headquartered in Adelaide, South Australia LVX Global will move to the innovation and technology hub of Lot 14 from July 2021. 

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