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Local Government Smart Cities Network launched!

Submitted by Adam Beck on November 7, 2018

Following confirmation from local government representatives from across Australia and New Zealand at the recent Smart Cities Week Australia event in Sydney (29-31 October), Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand has launched a coordinated effort to build a local government-led networking platform across the region.

This peer-to-peer network of local government professionals from cities and towns across Australia and New Zealand is growing everyday, with more than 55 cities and towns across Australia and New Zealand now registered. The overall goal is to enhance the liveability, sustainability and workability of our communities through the adoption of smart technologies and data solutions.

As secretariat for the Network, SCCANZ has activated the relevant digital infrastructure (such as web and teleconferencing/webinar facilities), and marketing and editorial support to enable a range of activities to be facilitated.

The Network will be local government led and local government-driven, collectively identifying relevant priorities to focus on in terms of dialogue, research and action.

While the Network will include a knowledge exchange at its heart, the Smart Cities Council 'Smart Cities Project Activator' will also provide a platform for data gathering, project scoping and investment attraction. This global platform will allow best practices to not only be shared across the ANZ region, but globally.

In January 2019 a podcast and smart cities webinar series will commence, with monthly international exchanges, as well as regional dialogue. 

Any local government representatives wishing to join the Network can register by sending their details to:

The Network website is: