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Learn the value of being an Advisor

Submitted by jdekeles on April 10, 2012

Advisory Board membership is free of charge but is available by invitation only to acknowledged experts from academia, non-profit advocacy groups, research laboratories and municipal governments.

Advisors receive the benefits of Partners in recognition of their contribution to the sector and to SCC's success. In addition, four Advisors are selected each year to participate on the Steering Committee where they have the same voting privileges as Lead Partners.

Advisory Board benefits are to meet prospective research clients, to influence the future plans and projects of our Partner companies, and to stay in touch with cutting-edge advances from around the world.

  • Influence a network of leading companies
  • Contribute to leading-edge research, best practices and case studies
  • Be eligible to shape and participate in SCC Partner-sponsored programs
  • Advance your organization’s advisory services, know-how and technologies
  • Participate in SCC summits and other events
  • Be plugged into a “smart network” of thought leaders

Click to contact Smart Cities Council for more information on how you can become an Advisor. If you'd like to learn more about the Council, watch this video.


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