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Kolkata’s South Dum Dum Municipality to replace street lights with LED

Kolkata South Dum Dum
Submitted by scc india staff on June 25, 2021

South Dum Dum Municipality plans to follow Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation (BMC) and New Town Kolkata Development Authority (NKDA) in replacing the street lights in all its thirty-five wards with LED lights.

NKDA plans to replace all the street lights in the inner lanes and crossroads with LEDs and has already installed LED lights on the main arterial road. BMC has also started replacing old street lights with LED lights in several parts of Salt Lake.

South Dum Dum Municipality officials told the media that a Rs 9.5 crore proposal was placed for the state government approval.

Led lights have been installed in New Town on the main arterial road stretch and on a few other township stretches. There are various old sodium vapours or metal halide street lights in many places on the inner roads in Action Area I, II and III, which require replacing.

NKDA had started installing LED lights since 2013. The LED lights were installed with a gap of twenty meters between each pole.

BMC had also received an approval of Rs 17 crore sanctioned by the state government earlier in Salt Lake and is working to replace the existing sodium vapour lights with LED lights.

According to the rough estimates, BMC pays a monthly energy bill of about Rs 1.5 crore. A BMC official told the media that around 60% of the electricity bill would get reduced once all the streetlights are covered with LED.