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Jacobs to develop master plan for Indian smart cities in the south

Submitted by scc india staff on July 9, 2021

US engineer Jacobs has been selected by the National Industrial Corridor Development Corporation (NICDC) of India to prepare a masterplan and provide preliminary engineering design for three smart cities in southern India.

The three sites are Palakkad, Kerala, and Ponneri and Dharmapuri-Salem in Tamil Nadu. It will transform these industrial cities into manufacturing and investment destinations for new transport such as roads, railways, water, and social and power infrastructure.

Smart cities aim to attract the manufacturers of high-value export products to promote the local economy and socio-economic development.

Jacob will be using data-driven designs, advanced visualisation techniques, and the smarter integration of city infrastructure for the development of the cluster.

Jacob has been working in India with the NICDC for the past 12 years. These latest projects allow combining experience with the recent advancement in digital and technology to build a new standard of excellence for industrial developments, to help expand India's economy, and to deliver long-term economic growth, Jacob's executive vice president, Patrick Hill, said.